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08 May 2006 @ 01:56 am

Cheval de Frise - Bora Lustral
Cheval de Frise - Songe de Perte de Dents

Rroselicoeur - Le Manege
Rroselicoeur - Poney-Express

Juelz Santana - Oh Yes
Juelz Santana - Murda Murda (feat. Cam'Ron)

07 May 2006 @ 02:32 pm
In contrast with my usual theme of "here are 5 songs in french that you may or may not understand," today I have chosen to select 6 songs in french and other languages that you may or may not understand!! I don't usually like listening to music where I have No fucking clue what is being said, but these songs have the magickal power to transport you across the language barrier.............................. Please tell me whether or not you like them!!!!

catherine ferroyer-blanchard - c'est bien trop tard

Ferroyer-Blanchard is probably my favorite hyphenated last name ever, and this song sounds like she is the Princess of Monaco!! and she has locked herself in her bathroom on her wedding day. The title means "It's way/far/much/etc too late" and Catherine (or whoever wrote the lyrics on her myspace) clearly opposes any and all perversions of the French language, as we see in that she spells the word for "key" clef instead of the disgusting new spelling clé.

kaaos - ei enaa koskaan

Once upon a time, I made the mistake of thinking that Finnish was just another scandinavian language, which everyone knows are all just even uglier ways of speaking german with really weird letters like ø, å, and ð. But now I understand that Finnish is a beautiful language whose only living relatives basically are Estonian and Hungarian! What a people! Anyway, Finnish is full of k's and double vowels and really angry punk songs like this that just sound funny because they have titles like "Politiikkaa." Sometimes I think about learning Finnish, but there's only like 16 million Finnish speakers out there and I can't be certain that I would like any of them.

zемфира - итоги (zemfira - itogi)

I don't remember what this song title means, and my dictionary is I don't know where, so it means Fuck you guys, I don't know what it means. This song is in the grand tradition of such vaguely Lesbian Artists listened to by college girls in the '90s the country over because, well, just look at this woman. And don't even -try- to tell me that it should be Земфира, because the band's name starts with Z. Just ask Wikipedia, punk.

malaria! - eifersucht

Here are some more lesbian-looking women singing in a language most people think is ugly! If I recall, the title means "Jealousy" and the song is all "we were so lucky, you and me, you only had love for me, hitler hitler auschwitz volskwagen, do you want to betray me, lederhosen, somethin, dear, and fear, yes, you are mine, i must free you." BUT I DON'T REMEMBER!! Why are European women east of like, Switzerland always short-haired and brunette??? Did you know that "ch" represents two different sounds in German? I didn't either, and I'm still not sure, but I could link you to a fascinating discussion on linguaphiles about regional pronunciation and these sounds if any of you gave a shit at all.

helena vondráčková - utíkej

Remember when a lot of people used to say things like "Czech it out!" or "Cashin' czechs!"* Or when they made those eastern-european doctor gay porns called "Czech Up"?? Well, Helena Vondráčková is also Czech! I think the title of this song means "race**," judging by the google image results for "utíkej," which, by the way, sounds like she is chanting "UGK, UGK, UGK" over and over again! I like this song a lot because just when it starts to grate on you with the Ethnic-ness*** of that like weird slav-ass string instrument, she starts singin' all pretty!

*I don't remember anyone ever saying this either!
**Not the white kind, but the running kind!!
***I could have said "ethnicity," but y'all would have misunderstood!

super junky monkey - shukuchoku-no-choro-wa-chirou-de-sourou

I don't speak Jewish-American-Princess-anese and I don't know the correct characters for that, and I also don't really care!!!! What I do know is that on the CD this is translated as "Old Man On The Nightshift With Prostatitis" and that it is sung in Absolute Gibberish with possible cameo appearances by Japanese! When I weighed 300 lbs (Before I discovered TrimSpa), my friends and I used to "sing along" to this song in my room, and we used to know all the "words!!!" My favorite part about this song is probably the EEEYYYAYEYEYAHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHIYAAAAAAYIIIIAAHHHHHHHHHHH-ing.
02 May 2006 @ 11:19 am
this game is really difficult without posting songs i've posted before, AND without continuing my billy childish streak!! ALAS Here U Are, For U: The Story Of My Life

Gina X Performance - Black Sheep (imagine the sort of club that actually played this song, picture yourself shooting up in its bathroom stall, know that I am there in spirit.)

Roxy Music - Mother of Pearl (everytime someone orders Canadian Club at work guess what song I get stuck in my head!!!!!! Well it's this one.)


Carolyn Hester - I'm Magic, Man (oh my god this song, it came from a Hippie Goddesses compilation if that's any indication)

T.I. - Bankhead (Exactly)

Well now you know that I am thick-skinned like a Big Sheep, I spent all my money on beer, and I know magic. I mean what else is there to know.
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27 April 2006 @ 08:55 pm
here is an official list of every album i own on soulseek since a lot of people can't view my files. if you want any of these albums just reply here and i will upload them, okay. i don't have a life. fuck you all.

PEEP ITCollapse )
21 April 2006 @ 02:20 am
Christmas - My Little Book of Lies --- I don't know what this song is other than good??? Here is the Christmas biography according to the Country Music Television website??? I don't get it??

Lori & the Chameleons - Touch --- This is a really great New Wave dance song. This is probably the only good song about Japan ever written. This may also be the only good song ever written, period. ***New Link***

The Pool - Jamaica Running --- This song is basically just a beat. Well I mean it is exactly just a beat!! And a good one. Real mellow minimal electronic with a tribal sort of drum sound?????

Carole King - Crying In the Rain --- Oh man a really great early Carole King song about crying. This song was recorded originally by The Everly Brothers but I mean heh, come on now.
17 April 2006 @ 04:03 am
Ok I really just don't know what to write about these so I'm not going to write anything except, These 'r' songs I like ATM and so they are obviously good and come highly recommended!!! YSI is a Piece of It now so get it while it's good alright. **Sorry Leyla if this is "sloppy."**

Girls At Our Best! - Getting Nowhere Fast
Beat Happening - Me Untamed
Mannie Fresh - Real Big
Tikis - Junie
16 April 2006 @ 08:14 pm
i deleted every entry from this community because it looked very sloppy and unorganized and ah just can't deal with dat shit. but i'm going to try updating this on a regular basis, so don't fret! hopefully the other jealous girls will follow suit.

khia - jealous girls - it's about damn time i uploaded this song here!! this is clearly khia's best song to date. it's about how khia is an awesome bitch, and how she will steal your man and not give a SHIT because it's your man you should be mad at, not her. he's the one doggin you, afterall. other features include: a Jock Jams Ass Beat and a loop of "j-j-j-j-jealous!!!!" each time the chorus comes around.

three 6 mafia - life or death (ft. killa klan kaze) - this is probably my favorite three 6 song. every time i hear it, i just picture myself as a huge black man in a suit, creeping through someone's hood at midnight with my windows tinted and my bass boomin. then i slowly roll down my window, only enough to see my eyes, and i fire my glock at some unsuspecting shittalker. after that, i blow on the tip of my gun and say, "ha ha ha. i'm hungry, what about you, beasley?" (beasley is the little dog in my backseat).

chamillionaire - the sound of revenge - the title track on chamillionaire's latest. chamillionaire is really ugly and looks like a black version of this meathead kid i know, but aside from that his album is really excellent, especially this song.

death by chocolate - if you want to sing out, sing out - not only is this song a classic, but it is the story of my LIFE!! man, if you want to be free, BE FREE!!!. this is from the harold & maude soundtrack but i've never seen that shit so who cares. it's also on their s/t album. anyway man, what a good song to live by. this is the only song that matters!

the velvet underground - she'll make you cry - i'm sure most tvu fans have heard squeeze (the only album without lou reed) and most people hate it. i don't particularly love it either, but it ain't all bad. anyway i just really like this song, the lyrics are nice (except they remind me of lyrics you'd see on some completely self-unaware 15 year old girl's myspace). whatever man, i just like it and that's all that matters!!

gayga i din - jestem zajeta, ciezko pracuje - gayga i din is some ukranian band. i don't even KNOW, but their album is pretty good (actually i'm pretty sure they have a few albums)!! this is the cover, holy shit. maybe it's just some girl named gayga. who fucking cares!!!

after 25 downloads this link will be kaput, unfortunately. i'll try reuploading in a few days just in case this happens, but can someone tell me some better sites to use? ALSO, would you prefer that i upload the songs individually next time? i'm not sure what everyone likes.